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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Poem

Close enough to Christmas
Let’s make a wish list
I’ll start with a little eggnog
Share a peace pipe with the Wampanoag
Play a little tune on a windpipe
Take a hayride if you like
I know a place we can hike or ride to
My spirit doyen, Bear, can guide you  
It’s never been trespassed it’s so new
The water is so blue
And after two we can start our celebration
The one planned by our communal delegations
To improve intercultural relations
Just please, the rules, remember these
No guns, no arrows, no knives
Only husbands, small children, and wives
Sit down at the table with Carver
Bring the meat carver
We slew the beast for a mutual feast
Make sure everyone gets a piece
Share mutual peace