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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holy Separation

Brothers, I will use this opportunity to further define my goal here, perhaps this is the right time, perhaps not but this is the chosen time.  Each Christian must reconcile some ideals within himself by his own conscience, but one must not use this liberty as an excuse or shield.  Many times I bring ideas to the table here without taking them as far as I want to take them because I respect each person's liberty in Jesus Christ; I leave it up to you to reconcile the idea with Jesus Christ, but sometimes I go further.  Here we go....

There are many instances in the bible that refer to dead bodies as being unclean and exposure to a dead body makes a person unclean.  (Now here someone is thinking that this was old testament ceremonial cleanness, but keep in mind that Paul talks about not using Jesus Christ for/as a means of breaking the law [Romans 6:15] because Jesus is the fulfillment of the law.  So don't stop reading because you feel that Jesus did away with this law because he did not.  Jesus did away with the penalty for breaking the law, please see the difference...)  There are also times in the bible where God makes a statement like, {this is to be observed forever}so you can't just dismiss what God has stressed forever)

Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church and when they took him down from the cross where did they take him?[Luke 23:52-53]  Now where would we take him if he had died in this day and age?  Well after the coroner examined his body, he would most certainly have been taken to a church sanctuary for a going home service; the local choir would have sang him to heaven and we no doubt would hear from the pastor about some of his good deeds.  Now let me take the time to state here that in life and death Jesus fulfilled all of the laws and rituals commanded/given by God, that's just what he did, you must believe that to be a Christian; this is basic doctrine.  Now, since we are all in agreement up to this point let me pose this question.  Why wasn't Jesus taken to the temple for burial (perhaps presented to God as a sacrifice)?  Well, because it was not God's will, that's why.

[Ezekiel 43:6-12] God tells Ezekiel, that the temple has been defiled because when men died, they were buried too close/near to the temple.  Now the bodies were not even brought into the temple (as we do today), the temple was defiled because bodies were buried to near it (Now sit and think about that for however long it takes for the truth to sink in).  As I spoke of earlier God uses the terms "forever" and "law of the house" in these verses.  In other words, do you call your place of worship, "The House of God"?  If so then obey the law of the house.  Now have we kept the law of the house, that was to be kept forever?  I can't count how many times I've walked through a church cemetery, just to get to the sanctuary (sometimes, cemeteries are too close to the building).  (Now some astute person is thinking that years ago, the church was the only place willing to bury certain people, therefore the cemeteries became overrun and became too close to the church.....Well, you are correct my friend but that only proves my point, the process that led to the condition was started by the enemy to place us in violation!!!)

Now I doubt that churches will ever stop having funerals in the sanctuary, and I'm not advocating moving bodies from their resting places, but when new churches are built, this should be kept in mind and be a part of the planning process.  Now, moving forward we should be in compliance because by our traditions we have setup ourselves to worship in continual uncleanness, rebellion, and lawlessness.  I'm just saying that we could make things easier on Sunday mornings if we kept the law of the house, that's all.  That's it, My job is done, peace!!


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