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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Idol Worship in Video Games

There has been an alarming trend in the video game industry that has gone unnoticed for the most part by christian parents. Well, video games in general have never been seen as productive ways to spend time by parents, however adults have always looked at them as just games, you know harmless.

I have noticed a trend in the video game industry lately. Several of the top games today have made it mandatory to pay homage to greek/roman gods in order to progress in a game.

One in particular came out this week, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, (called the greatest Zelda game ever!!) nintendo has made it mandatory for your character to pray to a goddess in order to save your progress. This is idolatry, and it is alarming to me that children are required to join, be indoctrinated, and be actively involved in a religion in order to participate in a game with most of this going on unbeknownst to parents.

 I had been looking forward to playing the game, but when I saw that my character had to pray to a so called goddess just to save my progress, I turned the game off.  Now how many people will be willing to do that after paying $50?  At the very least we need a new rating category for religious references! Let me give a list of games, just the ones I briefly played, that follow this same scheme.  

God of War I, II, III (playstation 3)
Devil May Cry I, II, III, IV(playstation 3, xbox 360)
Dantes Inferno (playstation 3, xbox 360)
Darksiders (playstation 3, xbox 360)
Viking (playstation 3, xbox 360)
Skyrim (playstation 3, xbox 360)
Assassins Creed 1-7  (playstation 3, xbox 360)

This is just a small sampling of the games. I have not included games where you summon demons to do your bidding like YuGiOh and Pokemon or games that involve witchcraft like Harry Potter, and Bayonetta. Please understand that this type of warfare has reached epic proportions. Where is the Southern Baptist Convention or other religious organizations?

Keep in mind that the average game is considered successful when it sells around 4 million copies, this is considered a great selling, successful game. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is expected to sell well over 20 million copies. Wow! And how many of those copies are going to unsuspecting christian adolescents? What's your opinion, let me know...