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Sunday, May 12, 2013


I recently wrote a book about Indigo adults and children and want to supplement it a bit.  When I use the term Indigo, I am referring to a label in which the world has used.  I am a Christian first and foremost, however I am also called to relate to my fellowman by all means available . At the end of the day my completeness is in Christ .

In my book I discuss the characteristic traits that define and are associated with Indigo adults and children.  I also give some advice to Indigos.  Indigos are Christians that are given specific missions in these end-times to help the brethren.

Indigos are often misunderstood because they don't conform with the normally accepted view of what a "normal" person is; how he thinks; nor does he possess normal views of the world and its system of government.  Indigos are naturally inquisitive and will not begin a task without knowing why the task is important or why they should devote their time to it.  Indigos are very instinctive and perceptive and can have heightened abilities which stem from increased senses these could entail the; ability to read minds, and the ability to learn by touch.  Yes, Indigos can learn extremely technical skills by simply being in close proximity to experts in that field.  Please read my book, to learn more about my personal experiences as an Indigo.

It's free to download!

Indigo Redemption Song: The last Praise