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Monday, June 3, 2013

Being Responsible and Having Accountability

This blog post will probably be a little non-linear and it will include a few things that you will probably never hear in church, but as always, I'm here to give it to you straight.

I was at church on yesterday and the pastor said a few things that I feel need further reflection; this is not an examination of his points, its highlighting the points that will never be made from the pulpit.  He was discussing accountability and my first thoughts went to Jesus, as they always do.  In the Pharisee's minds they held Jesus accountable for breaking their laws(even though he did not break any law); one of the accusations was that Jesus claimed that he was the Son of God.  Jesus is of course the Son of God, for Jesus to say otherwise would be lying, and yet he was held accountable by men and sentenced to death for being exactly who he claimed to be and being completely honest. [Luke 22:66-71] (think on that for a moment)

He was killed (held accountable by the Pharisee's) for saying that He was the Son of God.  How many innocent people are in prison today?  Here is a link for a guy I follow on YouTube, he may go to jail today for trying to fulfill his duty as a watchman; the link is to his last broadcast, its kinda sad.

We are often told that we have no excuses, even though many people are unjustly treated and given titles that they have not earned.  One of the 10 commandments is, not to bear false witness against other people, and yet somehow people believe that this kind of thing never happens.  If it didn't happen there wouldn't be a commandment addressing it.

Here is another point that you will never hear in church: King Saul was commanded by God to defeat a set of people and kill them all, and their livestock, and take nothing from them.  Saul, spared their King's life and kept their gold (to supposedly tithe to God).  Because of this God renounced him as King and told him that Obedience is better than Sacrifice [1 Samuel 15].  As you obey God don't worry about how man holds you accountable, because we will all stand before Jesus one day for true judgment.

As the pastor closed on yesterday he led the congregation in a prayer to Jesus; he started by saying "Dear Jesus", in an innocent childlike voice and the audience was captivated by it, but I was disgusted because he did not follow the commandment of God.  The pastor made a point on yesterday to remind us to tithe, however he wrongly set the example on how to pray.  The disciples asked Jesus how to pray and Jesus told them to PRAY TO THE FATHER IN HIS NAME.  Remember obedience is better than sacrifice and yet the pastor cared more about the sacrifice(tithe) than being obedient.  What about the person that went home last night and prayed to Jesus, following his example.  Remember God, could not stand Saul because he disobeyed him.

Someone will no doubt feel that it doesn't matter because God and Jesus are one, however they asked Jesus to tell them how to pray and Jesus said to Pray to the Father [Luke 11:1-4].  Christians should obey Christ.

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