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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jessie Jackson calls on UN

A few weeks ago in an article, Godzilla in the bible, i warned that UN occupation was on the way.  Now we have gotten a little closer to this being a reality.  And what do you know, one of the scenarios I listed has become a reality.  Jesse  Jackson is accusing the US government of not protecting Mr. Martin's civil rights and wants the UN to step-in.

Jessie Jackson has called on the United Nations to step-in and perform a probe into the Trayvon Martin murder trial. 

Isn't that saying UN law trumps US Law?  Most Americans would never submit to United Nations rule or oversight, but our elected officials have.  We are under UN Law because our officials have signed the UN charter, agreeing to international law oversight.  This retrial would violate US Law by trying a man twice for the same crime, which is double jeopardy.
Does the bible say anything about a lawless person who seeks to change laws and times?  You betcha [Daniel 7:25].

This is merely the first obvious step in changing the laws of the land and allowing UN courts to enforce international law or even Martial Law, see my article on the Lone Ranger.

We are also very close to a full-blown race war sparking off in this country because of the verdict of this trial.  Yet another reason for UN occupation, because when Americans are fighting Americans how can Americans police them?  We better bring in some foreign troops to do that.

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