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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Paul And The Unknown God

We find in Acts chapter 17 that Paul has fled to Athens to escape persecution from the religious leaders of the time.  In verse 16 we find that Paul's spirit was stirred up in him because he recognizes that the entire city of Athens is practicing idolatry, which is to say that they are worshiping false gods. Everywhere Paul turned he was being ran from one city into another because of people who refused to follow the one true God.  Paul's spirit was stirred within him and he was seething with anger but he did not let his anger cloud his judgment.

You see Paul had a choice; he could either [1] rebuke the people for worshiping idols, or he could [2] see the situation as an opportunity.  Paul chose to view it as an opportunity and approached the people with his gospel.  The men of Athens has set up an idol dedicated to THE UNKNOWN GOD.  Paul approached the people and said, you don't know who God is, let me tell you about God.  I will reveal this UNKNOWN GOD to you.  Paul used this idol with no name as a pretense to preach to the people concerning the One true God and his son, Jesus Christ.

Paul could have said many things, he could have said:
-Thou shalt have no other God before me [Exodus 20]
-Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images or worship them [Exodus 20]
-Yall stupid for worshipping something made with the hands of a man [Deuteronomy 4:28]
-Your god was a tree a few years ago [Jeremiah 10]....

He could have said all of those things and would have been technically within his right to do so, however doing so would have turned the people's ears and hearts against him.  Through wisdom Paul saw another way.  He himself wrote in [1 Corinthians 9:22], " I am all things to all men so that I may by all means save some."  "All means" literally means that no matter the subject or circumstance Paul found someone in, he could preach to them the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ.  Wow isn't that amazing!  It reminds me of the story of Philip when he came across the Ethiopian reading the book of Isaiah and preached to him Jesus Christ [Acts 8:26-40].

My middle name is Paul, and I find myself many times using many methods to get my point across, to preach Jesus Christ, that's why this blogg is called "Everything".  I talk about books, movies, songs, poetry, video games, conspiracies, current events, the bible, just about everything to reach anyone I can.  I take some grief for it, but I'm just carrying on a long tradition of Pauls.

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