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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Scientist add 47th Chromosone

There was a movie called Gattaca in the 1990s where people were bioengineered to be ‘perfect specimens, and one’s entire life and position in the world is based on their genetics (oh that's just a movie, I can tell you from experience that genetics beat out engineering degrees). We have seen this same premise and theme in recent movies like Star Trek into Darkness, where Kahn received superhuman abilities from a eugenics program, and also in Ironman 3.

There are also the X-men movies were this new gene is introduced that gives people superhuman powers. The "X" in X-men speaks to the X-chromosone. As an aside one of the characters, Gene Grey, is a reference to genes being spliced with alien DNA, the GREYS. 

Government scientists at DARPA are adding a 47th chromosome to human DNA. A human artificial chromosome (HAC) is a microchromosome that can act as a new chromosome in a population of human cells. That is, instead of 46 chromosomes (23 from the mother and 23 from the father), the cell could have 47 with the 47th being able to carry new genes introduced by human researchers.
DARPA wants to introduce an entirely new 47th chromosome into human DNA as a means of inserting bio-alterations and wholesale genetic “improvements” into human DNA.

Here's were it gets interesting....
I came across this and many other ideas a while back when studying the 47th problem of Euclid. Its all connected, don't think that its not. I actually placed the solution on the cover of a book I wrote called, Indigo Redemption Song: The Last Praise. It's very old math, and solving this problem has been the goal for thousands of years: well the problem isn't the math its the application of it with the goal of getting back what was lost in the flood.

In the days of Noah the fallen angels manipulated human and animal DNA and God destroyed the world because of it. Jesus said his return will be "marked" by this same sort of DNA manipulation[Matthew 24, Genesis 6].  In [Ezekiel 28:14-15]  God tells Lucifer that he was a perfect creation until he changed himself, and because of this iniquity, that he would be cast down.  Don't let Lucifer change you!  You are the temple of God as represented by the number 46 and if you are destroyed then Jesus will raise you up [John 2:18-22], but if you change yourself then you will reap the punishment due the fallen angels [Revelation 20].  Did you know that there are now cows producing human breast milk?

Please get right with God today and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.