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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ison, The Star of Bethlehem

God said in [Genesis 1:14] that he put lights in the sky for signs, and seasons, and for days, and years.  Ison is God's clock in the sky and I will prove this!  God's hand is using Ison, The Star of Bethlehem, to point to the season of  Jesus's return. 
With the gathering upon us, I want to take a moment to present 6 proofs from the bible that 2018 is the last year and that Comet Ison
is the Star of Bethlehem!  **Lets not forget that it was almost two years after seeing the star before the "wisemen" saw the Lord's face, Jesus' face [Matthew 2:7-16].

In [2 Kings 20:9-11] we find that God moved the shadow of the sun dial back ten degrees to show that he added 15 years to Hezekiah's life.  After
doing the math you discover that 1 year for God equals 1080 years for man.  It has been two days since Jesus was born, therfore that is 2 X 1080= 2160 years
This is the 7th time that Ison has returned to Earth after Jesus was born, Ison returns this year; so let's determine how long it really
takes for Ison to make its trek, complete its circuit around the sun; I know what man says but what does God say?
2160/7=308.57 years, that's Ison's true circuit around the sun; now let's subtract each of the 7 cycles to arrive at Jesus's true birth time
(AD) 2013, cycle 7
(AD) 1704, cycle 6
(AD) 1395, cycle 5
(AD) 1087, cycle 4
(AD)  778, cycle 3
(AD)  470, cycle 2
(AD)  161.58, cycle 1 this number should be Zero, because it is when Jesus was born: also its actually (160) because 1 year is lost from BC to AD
(BC) -146, cycle -1
**Compared to when Jesus was really born, we find that our Calendars are 161 year off from God's calendar, and I will prove that by two methods!
(1) Looking at the standard calendar we know that it has been two days since Jesus was born: 2 x 1080=2160 years
2160-2000(man measures centuries in 1000 year increments)= 160 years
**This proves that our calendar is off by 160 years
(2) Looking at the Jewish Calendar six days would be: 6 x 1000=6000
We need to account for the 45 year difference because the Gegorian calendar actually starts in 45 BC not 0 BC
The year 2013 is the year 5774 on the Hebrew Calendar
6000-5774-45= 181
Subtract 16 year difference between the two Calendars over 25,920 years (11 mins is lost each day on a Sun based calendar): 181-16=165
Subtract the 160 years that have been lost: 165-160=5 years
We find here that on God's Calendar that there are 5 years left after Ison's Return!  (Actually 5 years 90 days...)
Therefore 2013+5=2018 is the end of the Tribulation!
Ison is the Star of Bethlehem and is a sign of the gathering/rapture [Genesis 49:10].
Still not convinced?  Well below are four additional proofs of the same thing using the bible.
**Four additional proofs that 2018 is the end of the tribulation**
In bible prophecy 1 day=1 year;  [Ezekiel 4:1-10]
1. Israel became a nation in 1948 after World War II: [Matthew 24:32-40] says, when the fig tree blooms the end is near this generation shall not
pass away (meaning 70 years[Psalms 90:10]) until all things come to pass.
1948+70= 2018 this means the year 2018 is the last year. 
2. Israel recaptured Jerusalem in 1967 in the Six days War; add 50 years as a symbol of the jubilee and you arrive at the year 2018.
1967+50=2017 but the 50th year will be completed in 2018, the last year.
3. The abomination that makes desolate is the Dome of the Rock [Daniel 12:11-12] that was built in 683 add 1335 years to that and you get 2018. 
683+1335=2018, the last year.
4. In [Daniel 8:8-14] Antiochus IV Epiphanes sacrifices a pig on the altar of God in 281 BC; add 2300 years to this and you arrive at the year 2019,now when going from BC to AD there is no zero year, it goes from -1BC to 1 AD, so the date is actually 2018. 
I have proven mathematicaly using scripture 6 times, that these dates all point to the same conclusion.  God says in the bible that he has no secrets and will not do anything without revealing it to his profits [Amos 3:7], so don't fabricate a reason to doubt.  Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior today!  Need a sign?
I wrote a book where I also prove 2018 is the last year by two additional methods, its called: Indigo Redemption Song, The Last Praise

Real Steel Movie Review

Real Steel is a movie from 2011 which speaks to future time when human boxers have been replaced by robots.  Charlie Kenton is an ex-boxer played by Hugh Jackman, who is making a living as a hustler when the movie opens.  Charlie has spent every penny he ever had, buying robots and fighting
them for cash.  His priorities in life change somewhat when he is forced to take on custody of his son, Max, who he previously abandoned after his birth.  Charlie is an ex-boxer with all the moves in the ring and technique, but he is a degenerate gambler with terrible luck.  His luck changes when
Max finds an old beat-up generation 2 robot(apparently the current generation is gen 5), Adam, that Charlie subsequently teaches to box.  The trio work  their way up through the ranks of fighting robots and are given the chance to fight the world champion robot, Zeus.  Zeus jumps into the air, springing over the ropes, and falls like lightening into the ring to make a grand entrance[Isaiah 14:12].

Here's where it gets interesting...
-Adam takes beatings that no other robot can take, could it be that he is made with "Real Steel", and the others aren't?  Like we haven't had real steel in 3 generations...remember the beating 
Jesus took for us that was so bad, that his own mother couldn't recognize him.
-Adam being second generation(a robot following voice commands from a human) is defeated by, a robot that learns on its own;  in the bible Jesus is called the second Adam [1 Corinthians 15:45-47], so in a way the message being portrayed is that Christ will lose to Zeus(Satan).
-About halfway through the movie I noticed that Adam had an upside down Cross on his face (he wears a mask)....awkward
-Tran-humanism is spouted again as Charlie combines with Adam in the 5th round(checkout my article on the 5th age) when Adam can no longer accept voice commands.  This hints at the time when the testimony of Jesus Christ will be quieted in the land [Zechariah 6:8]. 

I could say more, but what's important is that you accept Jesus Christ today as your Lord: even today while you can still hear him!