Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ison, The Star of Bethlehem

God said in [Genesis 1:14] that he put lights in the sky for signs, and seasons, and for days, and years.  Ison is God's clock in the sky and I will prove this!  God's hand is using Ison, The Star of Bethlehem, to point to the season of  Jesus's return. 
With the gathering upon us, I want to take a moment to present 6 proofs from the bible that 2018 is the last year and that Comet Ison
is the Star of Bethlehem!  **Lets not forget that it was almost two years after seeing the star before the "wisemen" saw the Lord's face, Jesus' face [Matthew 2:7-16].

In [2 Kings 20:9-11] we find that God moved the shadow of the sun dial back ten degrees to show that he added 15 years to Hezekiah's life.  After
doing the math you discover that 1 year for God equals 1080 years for man.  It has been two days since Jesus was born, therfore that is 2 X 1080= 2160 years
This is the 7th time that Ison has returned to Earth after Jesus was born, Ison returns this year; so let's determine how long it really
takes for Ison to make its trek, complete its circuit around the sun; I know what man says but what does God say?
2160/7=308.57 years, that's Ison's true circuit around the sun; now let's subtract each of the 7 cycles to arrive at Jesus's true birth time
(AD) 2013, cycle 7
(AD) 1704, cycle 6
(AD) 1395, cycle 5
(AD) 1087, cycle 4
(AD)  778, cycle 3
(AD)  470, cycle 2
(AD)  161.58, cycle 1 this number should be Zero, because it is when Jesus was born: also its actually (160) because 1 year is lost from BC to AD
(BC) -146, cycle -1
**Compared to when Jesus was really born, we find that our Calendars are 161 year off from God's calendar, and I will prove that by two methods!
(1) Looking at the standard calendar we know that it has been two days since Jesus was born: 2 x 1080=2160 years
2160-2000(man measures centuries in 1000 year increments)= 160 years
**This proves that our calendar is off by 160 years
(2) Looking at the Jewish Calendar six days would be: 6 x 1000=6000
We need to account for the 45 year difference because the Gegorian calendar actually starts in 45 BC not 0 BC
The year 2013 is the year 5774 on the Hebrew Calendar
6000-5774-45= 181
Subtract 16 year difference between the two Calendars over 25,920 years (11 mins is lost each day on a Sun based calendar): 181-16=165
Subtract the 160 years that have been lost: 165-160=5 years
We find here that on God's Calendar that there are 5 years left after Ison's Return!  (Actually 5 years 90 days...)
Therefore 2013+5=2018 is the end of the Tribulation!
Ison is the Star of Bethlehem and is a sign of the gathering/rapture [Genesis 49:10].
Still not convinced?  Well below are four additional proofs of the same thing using the bible.
**Four additional proofs that 2018 is the end of the tribulation**
In bible prophecy 1 day=1 year;  [Ezekiel 4:1-10]
1. Israel became a nation in 1948 after World War II: [Matthew 24:32-40] says, when the fig tree blooms the end is near this generation shall not
pass away (meaning 70 years[Psalms 90:10]) until all things come to pass.
1948+70= 2018 this means the year 2018 is the last year. 
2. Israel recaptured Jerusalem in 1967 in the Six days War; add 50 years as a symbol of the jubilee and you arrive at the year 2018.
1967+50=2017 but the 50th year will be completed in 2018, the last year.
3. The abomination that makes desolate is the Dome of the Rock [Daniel 12:11-12] that was built in 683 add 1335 years to that and you get 2018. 
683+1335=2018, the last year.
4. In [Daniel 8:8-14] Antiochus IV Epiphanes sacrifices a pig on the altar of God in 281 BC; add 2300 years to this and you arrive at the year 2019,now when going from BC to AD there is no zero year, it goes from -1BC to 1 AD, so the date is actually 2018. 
I have proven mathematicaly using scripture 6 times, that these dates all point to the same conclusion.  God says in the bible that he has no secrets and will not do anything without revealing it to his profits [Amos 3:7], so don't fabricate a reason to doubt.  Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior today!  Need a sign?
I wrote a book where I also prove 2018 is the last year by two additional methods, its called: Indigo Redemption Song, The Last Praise