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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Real Steel Movie Review

Real Steel is a movie from 2011 which speaks to future time when human boxers have been replaced by robots.  Charlie Kenton is an ex-boxer played by Hugh Jackman, who is making a living as a hustler when the movie opens.  Charlie has spent every penny he ever had, buying robots and fighting
them for cash.  His priorities in life change somewhat when he is forced to take on custody of his son, Max, who he previously abandoned after his birth.  Charlie is an ex-boxer with all the moves in the ring and technique, but he is a degenerate gambler with terrible luck.  His luck changes when
Max finds an old beat-up generation 2 robot(apparently the current generation is gen 5), Adam, that Charlie subsequently teaches to box.  The trio work  their way up through the ranks of fighting robots and are given the chance to fight the world champion robot, Zeus.  Zeus jumps into the air, springing over the ropes, and falls like lightening into the ring to make a grand entrance[Isaiah 14:12].

Here's where it gets interesting...
-Adam takes beatings that no other robot can take, could it be that he is made with "Real Steel", and the others aren't?  Like we haven't had real steel in 3 generations...remember the beating 
Jesus took for us that was so bad, that his own mother couldn't recognize him.
-Adam being second generation(a robot following voice commands from a human) is defeated by, a robot that learns on its own;  in the bible Jesus is called the second Adam [1 Corinthians 15:45-47], so in a way the message being portrayed is that Christ will lose to Zeus(Satan).
-About halfway through the movie I noticed that Adam had an upside down Cross on his face (he wears a mask)....awkward
-Tran-humanism is spouted again as Charlie combines with Adam in the 5th round(checkout my article on the 5th age) when Adam can no longer accept voice commands.  This hints at the time when the testimony of Jesus Christ will be quieted in the land [Zechariah 6:8]. 

I could say more, but what's important is that you accept Jesus Christ today as your Lord: even today while you can still hear him!