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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Video Games in Current Events

There are many people that believe that the rulers of this world hide a lot of their intentions all around us.  In this blog post I wish to discuss a few coincidences that I have seen, and if I get good feedback from you guys I will do some more of this kind of thing in the future.  We are currently in the age of the Holy Spirit, the church age, or what the world calls the fourth age. 
Nebuchadnezzar dreamed of five ages or kingdoms[Daniel 2].  His kingdom was the first age.  The 4th age began with the Holy Spirit, and is the church age; in this age everyone must be preached the gospel of Jesus Christ, before it ends.

The 5th age begins when the Holy Spirit leaves the earth and judgment begins with the four horsemen being released, with caious (The Joker) being released upon the earth.  [2 Thessalonians 2:1-8].  The 5th age is also a symbol of the Templars (V).

Two years ago a video game called Homefront was released on several consoles (xbox360, ps3, PC).  In the game, North Korea attacked the United States with an EMP.  The EMP caused all electrical devices to be rendered useless, left the US without power, and made the Korean evasion relatively easy.  This was the beginning of WW3.  Here are a few videos that show the story.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Now the media has repeatedly told us that the Koreans cannot attack the US mainland with a missile, because they don't have one that will fly that far.  However, they never look at the possibility of a missile being launched from a submarine.  Funny how a video game has considered this and not our military.

There are people who believe that the Sumerian gods are returning to the earth, as what we might view as aliens; however these are actually demons carrying about the great deception [2 Thessalonians 2:11].  There is a video game that just released called Injustice Gods Among US.  In the game, the Joker sets off a nuke after destroying Superman's family (Superman (S)=Satan).  Superman goes crazy, kills the Joker, then conquers the earth and turns the earth into a military state. The people that made this game know that war is coming, that's why Aries, the god of war, is included as one of the characters on the game.  We know from the bible that Satan's son, the Antichrist  will be killed and resurrected [Revelation 13:3].  Then the world will be ruled by one man.

Video 1  Can you see the (V) for the 5th age at the 0:35 second mark?  Oh yeah the movie Oblivion Video A is about the same thing, fyi...people in white leaving the people in black behind...I watched the movie and the first thing you see when it starts is the (V) in Obli(V)ion, then the camera pans out from there; 5th age.
Video 2
In the new Superman movie, the people in black, want to claim the earth for themselves and kill all the earthlings.  They want to rebuild Krypton.
Video 3

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